The monumental success of GTA 5 – will have Impact on future Rockstar

Rockstar Games is in a situation where you’d be the envy of all developers.

They have a “problem”: one of their games so incredibly popular that their future games also, likely, popular, and can not be compared. Already mentioned the tremendous success of GTA 5 turned period before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in advance crisis management loss for the company.

Problem is found Take-Two, not one which typically meet the selling company, when vague predictions don’t come true or something like that. No, their situation is much more unique. Is Take-Two, which published the most profitable media product in history and the most sold in parts game of all time, with the result of nearly 100 copies shipped.

Why would that be a problem, you ask? After all, success is good, isn’t it?

All anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2

The problem is that the success of one game sets the precedent and expectations. One after another, the game Rockstar has achieved more and more results in terms of sales and profits. Disadvantage of numbers is that if they are out of context, they do not tell the full story.

However, the number of investors love and they are constantly looking at them. Hence tacit (mostly, of course) expectations for Red Dead Redemption 2 – she needs to beat GTA 5.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has long been literally at the forefront grapple with these expectations, because they realize that to justify them is literally impossible.

Zelnick recently lit up in an uncharacteristically high number of interviews, and in his answers he always somehow weaving the denial that RDR 2 needs to get around GTA 5 in the financial success.

Wacky races in GTA Online

It is always included in the wider response relating to the agenda, and wrapped in a corporate-friendly wrapper, but the message has not changed: Take-Two does not expect RDR 2 repeat the success of their flagship franchise.

The Take-Two as the company has extensive experience in curbing the expectations of the GTA series of games. It became well known thanks to the franchise itself, when GTA 3 made the series so public. Continuing the huge success of subsequent games in the series stuck to Take-Two public label “by GTA”. Since they are trying to bring attention to other franchises.

A label’s developers, 2K Games releases a good game in the famous franchise like XCOM, Borderlands, NBA 2K, Civilization, and others, helping Take-Two to be cleansed from this label. Now, however, Rockstar Games necessary to reduce the influence of GTA 5 for the benefit of another of their game.

It is difficult to expect that something will be as successful as the most profitable entertainment product in history. I don’t think those expectations are realistic.

GTA 5 is a success story that may never be repeated in the industry, because of the range of unique circumstances, which became his cause. The game was released on five platforms in a series of three releases that really helped prolong the period of high sales. The situation only intensified with the new Premium Edition. It drew its success from more than ten years history of the brand popularity and public notoriety. And with it had a massive marketing campaign.

GTA has become more aware of numerous attempts to ban it, which were undertaken in the past years.

After reaching a large enough player base, multiplayer Online has grown even more through a snowball effect. Thanks to the continued support of the content GTA Online is still relevant and attractive to new players. Inherent in the success of so many unique factors that to repeat them would be impossible.

Who knows, will pass if RDR2 popular GTA Online

Well, next to it we have Red Dead Redemption 2.

Yes, looking forward to it. Yes, it is one of the most anticipated games of 2018. But this is not GTA. It is not so widely known, not mainstream, and the franchise is not that old and popular.

RDR 2 will certainly sell very well – maybe even become the best selling game in 2018 or will surpass the sales of GTA 5 on the first day. But in the long run it does not compare with GTA 5 and can not do, and people should not view this as a failure.

Simply put, a very long time anything will be able to beat GTA 5.

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