GTA V with VR: why you should definitely play it

So far, at least unofficially, but you can still enjoy GTA 5 in VR. A regular BOOM GTA Logan Smith runs through some of the best moments of the series in virtual reality.

Although GTA 5 has official VR versions or ports that modders are working on ways to allow players to feel the game more immersive. Which, again, gives VR.

VR hasn’t yet broken through to the mass market, which requires a big investment, but the industry thinks about ways to solve this problem. Many of the leading game Studio supported the platform, releasing the very successful titles in VR format, for example, did Bethesda and CCP Games.

Since GTA 5 is one of the best-selling and beloved AAA games in the current generation, many wondered if she will join to the number of games available on the VR. In the early days of growth VR CEO of Take Two Interactive (parent company of Rockstar Games and the publisher of GTA), Strauss Zelnick expressed his skepticism regarding the possibility of using VR, but recently one of the games Rockstar tried L. A. Noire.

This movement in the right direction, but we are still waiting for GTA VR, so third-party mods is still in business. Here VR is the leader Grand Theft – free mod that can download any. It is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as it is based on OpenVR.

So what makes GTA 5 perfectly suitable for VR (no, not a strip club…)? The design of video games designed for VR, it follows a few different rules than traditional video games. However, if not previously supported these functions of the game to make available to VR, to balance authenticity and VR-compatibility will be difficult.

The study
The lion’s share of enthusiasm for GTA 5 was concerned with highly detailed game world. Los Santos and blaine County were made with incredible attention to detail. Managing NPC AI, the location of buildings, foliage, dynamically generated chaos and a low number of reusable assets gave GTA 5 a feeling of peace that lives and breathes.

Even closer to this world, we become with the release of the Enhanced Edition, which added the ability to switch to first person, but VR shows us the maximum, what is today’s technology. Rockstar put crazy effort into recreating Los Angeles, and he was recognizable, despite the forced change in position of objects and the size of the map, due to limitations of last generation consoles.

Immersion in VR
Even without VR you can spend hours exploring the world, savoring all the details, which the authors filled him. But the use of VR is becoming a real sightseeing tour.

Driving is a Central part of the gameplay of GTA 5, and to experience it in VR for us is as important as the previous point. Driving is perfect for VR on a basic level, because it circumvents the potential problem of motion sickness while walking, which is often done by teleportation during the movement.

While riding your body remains stationary (relative to transport) and this mismatch does not occur unlike sensations while walking in VR, when your real body is still in place. Since teleportation breaks the immersion effect, driving more than a good way to feel the world and its attractions without the need to teleport.

The same is true for flights, even with GTA 5 flight control, at best, unreliable. So amazing from a visual standpoint the game like GTA 5, just begging to be seen from altitude. Los Santos beneath you, the mountain Čiliad rises on the horizon… by the Way about driving.

Police chase
Fighting in VR with something fundamentally different from traditional fighting games. This means that ported to VR games are usually not impressed by this element in the standard GTA 5 is slightly “floating” shooting. However, in GTA 5 there are at least several sources of gameplay buzz, and the police chase is one of them.

Unlike some other games in the series, police of GTA 5 is not weak. Quite the contrary – they are often described as overly strong because of the mechanics. They have almost perfect accuracy at long range, they never end and they appear to be omniscient, because even if you killed one poor bastard in the middle of the desert when there was nobody, SWAT still knows your location.

Since police chases are usually driving a car, advantages of using VR while driving remains here – except that you’ll flee for your life, instead of relaxing staring at beautiful places. This adds complexity and, well, the gameplay in the game.

As the game developed never under VR, GTA 5 helmet maybe something to disappoint. GTVR modifies some elements of GTA 5 to make them more suitable for VR, but it’s still not a perfect port. If Rockstar ever want to move your main IP on this growing platform, we will be able to experience the game in all its glory.

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