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In the fifth part of GTA walkthrough, 100% the entire game is for many users a matter of principle. The developers made it so that players will have to spend for the sake of the result of hundreds of hours within the project.

About how to do it, the requirements and rewards for full completion of the game written in this material.

The plot

GTA 5 100% passing impossible without completion of the story campaign. It is for many users buy this project and lost inside the world of Los Santos for a long time. The player must complete 81 mission, including the prologue and final mission “a Reasonable solution”. In short, the user learns the story of three characters – Trevor, Franklin and Michael. They decided to pull something big thing before you retire and end up with a criminal life.


Trevor, Franklin and Michael

The user will take part in a plot with many twists and turns of fate and unexpected turns. Even without the desire to pass GTA 5 100% any self-respecting fan of the game industry have to plunge into the adventure. Other people should definitely know that the end of the story of a single company is only 50%. There is still a lot sorts of things.

Secondary objectives

Walkthrough GTA 5 100 percent completion also requires twenty missions from the series “Strangers and weirdos.” These additional tasks do not affect the storyline, and their total number is fifty-eight. One third will be sufficient for admission into the General Treasury of the passage of another 10 percent. Additional jobs held is not boring. Even the developers here have noted brand of satirical humor. The player can take multiple missions at one and the same non-player character that completes the mini-company. Or to travel the world and look for other interesting tasks.

For example, the task “Meeting with Truth” will require the user 2-3 minutes time. In the story, one of the characters will be given a special sheet of paper with the case. It needs to drive up to the red truck and read it in front of him. The back will fit two “brothers” who beat the character, and then throw in an unknown area is almost completely bare. The job when it counted but will have to look for ways to get back to the city. The player can for fun to join all the additional tasks but to progress in the passage of enough twenty.

Fun with benefits

For anybody not a secret that the missions in GTA 5 at any time you need to leave for a variety of entertainment. In this list sports, racing, shooting and other fun activities. If the player there is a desire to finish the game 100 percent, all else will benefit. All missions in the list “Hobbies and fun” 52, and need to complete 42 to receive ten percent to the overall rating of the passage. Initially, it is recommended to go to the range and to gain the necessary points to win with weapons of every kind. This is followed by master in management quick types of cars and start to take chances in the race.


Racing in GTA 5

Sports type Golf, Darts and tennis can be a great distraction from severe pursuits with the shootings in the storyline of the company. Other Hobbies include racing on the water, testing the flight school and skydiving. If the passage of GTA 5 on the maximum score of the player is not interested, then you can find other advantages. For example, each of the activities contributes to earnings and raise the level of the character. Do not forget about charging different skills. If you complete mission 42 of 52, the heroes will rise to a completely different level.

A number of requirements

If it seemed that GTA 5 walkthrough 100% done rather simply, the following requirements will quickly change that thought in the opposite direction. For another 10 percent to the overall rating, the player is required to complete 14 missions in a cycle of random events. All of these tasks may occur in 57 different points of the map. The interesting thing is that the player will need to help other citizens. This may relate to fighting, robbery, stealing bags and subsequent chase, and the like. The easiest way in the research world to pay attention to such random events and to go if possible.

Difficulties will begin at the time when the player reaches the last category called “Miscellaneous”. This includes some classes that take a lot of time. It’s not the need to buy 5 properties and one vehicle using online gaming, because this will do without passing on 100 percent of any player. The player must walk Colom, and play with the dog through the ball. One robbery is also included in this list. The next task will be to seduce a stripper, and then to use the services of “moths”.

The last task

Of course, the passage of the online heists in GTA Online are not included in this list, but without it the player will encounter difficulties. Especially it will be felt in the search for the fifty wreckage of the spaceship and as many scraps of letters. They are well hidden in various nooks and crannies in the huge world of Los Santos. Here help can only use maps indicating all places. The same goes for unique jumps, for which there are special places in the city and outside it. The map will help to make 25 out of 50, followed by a master of the flying vehicle from the need to make half of the fifty flights under the bridge.

More difficult will be the situation with a trick called “the knife”. They need 8 of the 15 order was made the next item with the category “Miscellaneous”. After that, there are only a few of the fun of going to the cinema. The list ends with entertainment with each other. The player must go with a friend to a bar on the strip, Darts and again in cinema, but not alone. Such entertainment may not be to please everyone, but stop one step from the coveted goal is not worth it. In the category “other” there are 30 missions, but it was 16 mentioned above are required to complete 100%


Developers from the Studio Rockstar Games know how difficult it is to complete the entire list, which was discussed above in the article. It is because they have prepared to the fans GTA 5 interesting gifts. First of all it concerns the achievement “career criminal”, which is not every owner of a licensed copy of the game. Once the 100% offer, a special mission for Franklin called “The Last One”. In it the player finds out the history associated with a snowman.

The world is transformed in the sense that in some places it will be possible to see a UFO. This perk is also available only to those who have reached full progress in the passage. Last a nice bonus is the t-shirt in the closet of Franklin’s that says 100%. These awards are reason enough to make efforts to complete all of the above missions.

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