GTA 5 Review- the most realistic simulator of gangster life

The whole world is at your feet

Let’s start with the storyline, which from the first minute delays in the game. View its official trailer.


The prologue throws you into the thick of things, namely in Bank robbery located in North Yankton. Then you and intimidate clerks, and explosions, and gunfire with the cops hated, but it took some three minutes from the time you have launched the newly installed toy.

After the prologue starts the main scenario, you start passing through for a black boy Franklin, who dreams about big money trades and the notorious theft to owner of a local dealership.

It would seem that cliché in all the games of this franchise we’re starting to play for a gangster and try to develop faster. However, not all so is simple – the gamer, as it passes, opens the possibility to play for the two characters is calm and calculating Michael Townley de Santa, as well as for a temper, and perhaps the most charismatic of all the Trinity Trevor Phillips.

Thus, the presence of the three main characters, instead of one, this is something new, but the developers decided that such innovations will not be enough, so there were a lot of different games that are available in parallel with the passing game, such as games on the stock exchanges during the tasks of Leicester – thanks to clever manipulations in the style of Jordan Belfort (we sincerely hope that you know about such a great Wheeler-dealer) on the LCN and BAWSAQ can raise huge sums, such as: by the end of the storyline for all three characters, you can fill yourself for about $ 6 billion and even more.

A natural question would be “Why such a sum?”. The answer is very simple – it’s Grand Theft Auto 5, with all of your tuning, prostitutes, bars, and the purchase of real estate has not been canceled (though, of course, really wanted: Dan Houser in an interview with Game Informer, ten months before the game’s release on the shelves, complained that the acquisition of real estate destroyed in the series, however, fans of the franchise have changed the course of events).

The estate, by the way, costs a lot of money, for example, Golf club gamers will have to fork over $ 150 million, but this is not the only property – as much as 27 real estate available in the vastness of Los Santos and blaine County. Of these, only two will get the character for free, the remaining 25 will have to buy heavy bags of cash.

Three of the bandit – three cheerful friends

We briefly talked about each of the characters, but came to the conclusion that a subtle reference is not what you deserve main characters.

Let’s start with Franklin is a pretty typical character of these games, he is interrupted by small, and, of course, illegal earnings, what help him “Pansy area”. The guy is open to adventures, and feels confident behind the wheel of his special abilities to slow down time while he is behind the wheel. This, incidentally, helps to place different kinds of turns, to get away from police raids, and in General, very cool ability.

Michael De Santa, born Michael Townley is an old friend and co-defendant Trevor, now the man who wants to retire from all business. Calm and measured Mike’s life is interrupted when his house trying to steal a car. Further, events begin to get lost in a tangle your headphones tangled in your pocket – just a childish prank. For this guy you often have a chance to shoot, and what pleases me, it shoots wonderfully. If really bad – you can slow down time and deal with opponents in the manner of max Payne, however, jump and do other acrobatic’t have to, after all Mr Townley have not 20.

For dessert, Trevor Phillips, the drunkard, the murderer and just a good person who is very angry at the slightest mention of his canadian accent. In its assets has friend Ron and worker’s Boss – a sort of analogue of Walter white, the guy is fighting off the attacks of competitors in the lab, which the friends proudly call Trevor Philips Industries, Trevor spends enough time. Often when you switch to Trevor you’ll find him in the travail – he shall drink, climb on roofs, yelling at everyone and beating the most distinguished. Periodically they can go on a rampage that will ensure an incredible resilience to injury, which would have envied the Hulk himself.

After all three are introduced – begins incredible – torture, surveillance, pursuits and even work for the government, if you can call it that. And what are amorous desires, Trevor? So thin eat girls, perhaps, looks very nice for such an ambitious Mr. Philips.

Moments with sexual overtones in the game, by the way, very, very much, so in order not to hurt the relatives hone your art is an instant turn off monitor, or master the tactics under the code name “Alt+Tab”. Hundreds of spinning words in the language, but pick any one does not work, because the action occurring on the screen, to describe in words is almost impossible.

New features

Gameplay is the strong side of most of the games in this series, so within this review, to ignore it would be wrong. Since Grand Theft Auto V is already 15 game released by developers under this franchise, our editorial team anticipates a reasonable question of the reader: “What will surprise this game?” and with all confidence, we declare: “All! Absolutely everything!”. Now, in order:

  • A huge world completely open to exploration and interaction with him, often rushing on the highway, or exploring the city lanes, you will meet random people who need your help. What is more remarkable, some of them will more than repay you for your kindness, and some will be ready to go with you on “business”.
  • On PC and nextgen consoles is first person, and now GTA can be positioned as the most complete simulation of life of all.
  • Switching between the main characters – during the game you will be able to change one character to another (unless, of course, they are already open). Each of them has his own family, house, and life itself, in which you literally throws during the game. Prevent this can only be the passage of the job or the pursuit of the police, but this is understandable, artificial intelligence for you from the chase to go will not, and the mission to pass will not.
  • For the first time a game of this magnitude and type are equipped with online mode which will allow you to enjoy the online game together with your friends. But if you are going to organize riots, then the character will be given the status “untrusted player” and he will be able to play on servers only with the same bullies.
  • Lots of fun for the case of passing tired: tennis, strip club, amusement Park and much more.
  • For lovers of easy to get a lot of money in multiplayer mode now has a donut, there are four types of purchased cards cost from 100 to 700 rubles.
  • In the salons of LS Customs offers various parts and accessories, and therefore, tuning cars more than entertaining.

In addition to all the above, I would like to tell about the implementation of such missions, as the plot of loot here, gamers do have a place to roam.

For example, you selected a team to complete this work, and what happens is that due to certain decisions taken during a free walk along the beautiful Los Santos, you will have additional accomplices. When planning robberies there and did a few versions of their passing, usually available two ways – like the Agent 47 in the first couple to do it quietly, and then, to fly, or to arrange fun on the land, blasting everything in its path.

And, of course, the next-gen graphics – nowadays, looking back on more square releases discussing the game series, it’s hard to say that before GTA was allocated at the expense of graphics performance, the emphasis was on gameplay and interactivity, but now, at the height of all implemented options. Praise picture can be infinite, even the reflections, the light and the shadows performed at the highest level.

Interesting points

The whole GTA series is characterized by the presence of interesting points, and a fifth is no exception.

Amazing interactivity of the game world is breathtaking about the trouble you keep mentioning on the radio, and something even televised. A variety of actions outside of the plot downright limitless. For example, the purchase of real estate, which allows you to perform additional tasks, to ensure that money became even greater. As we pointed out above, for misconduct in the multiplayer mode of the player “sent” on the server for untrusted gamers, but there has not been without interesting – like the offense – the only way to get the hat that says Dunce (stupid).

In GTA 5, you mobile app iFruit. With it, you can buy cars and tune them. Also appearing at Franklin’s dog Chop, which can be trained through this app. A dog can be taught various tricks and commands: sit, lie down, give paw, etc. Training to help develop the skills of the dog: it would be better to listen to you and help you, the scent will find the nearest hidden item, when you output the chop for a walk.

Also Rockstar Games has decided to deride the traditional way of the modern world – surely most of you keen on social networks – you have LifeInvander, please, handsome man as you want in the virtual equivalent of Facebook and Liciknig. Also available to purchase via the Internet, and, of course, that turned the world upside down! The thing was a blast! Not going to torment intrigue – self! Now you can take pictures not only what surrounds you but also myself.

To be or not To be

If you still wonder – is it worth playing GTA 5?, our answer is unequivocal – definitely! And in order to dispel all doubts will summarize the positive and negative aspects of the game:


  1. Huge game world with a high degree of interactivity.
  2. A magnificent realization of the surrounding world and fills it with objects.
  3. Lots of options for spending time, even if the mission ended.
  4. Online-mode.
  5. Colorful dialogue and beautiful cut scenes.

The complete list will consist of a dozen items, so leave the opportunity to add it to your taste for you, dear readers.

Cons we could not be detected, since the toy is implemented at the highest level.

In the end

To describe this masterpiece can be infinitely long, so we advise you be sure to purchase this wonderful game, because it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

At this point our review is completed we sincerely hope that this article has given comprehensive answers to all your questions. Subscribe to blog updates and leave your feedback in the comments. All the while.

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