GTA 5 – Review – gameplay, story, characters, graphics

Full name: Grand Theft Auto V

Release date: 2013 (PC 2015)

Localization: Text

Genre: Action, TPS/FPS, simulator

What to play: PC, xbox 360, xbox One, PS 3, PS 4.

Multiplayer: Yes

Co-Op: No

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto) is the fifth part of the famous and one of the most controversial and popular games of the series in video game history. Don’t see the point of throwing out praise, every gamer so aware of what this “fruit”. Let’s move on to the review, and it will match the scale of innovations, so sorry.

I did not want to touch the fifth part, while it does not appear on the desktops. The console, of course, respect, but in such toys prefer to play solely on keyboard and mouse, not gamepad. Though the last and comfortable to steer, but to lock the stick, or God forbid the auto-aim… well, you understand. But too boring was the beginning of autumn, and even dead rising 3 refused to work…. In General, boredom pinned me to the wall, and then came the “fifth gtashki”, even on the xbox 360.

PS Review of GTA 5 is divided into parts. Everything is in order so that you can easily read the text. Unfortunately, “bukaf” a lot and for those who want to delve into the intricacies of the changes or the very mechanics, then I suggest simply Unscrew the end of the review, to the output.

America, modernity. Location — the thriving resort town of Los Santos. (copied, as I understand it, Los Angeles). For the first time in the series, the story will be submitted on behalf of the three characters, not one as before.

Trevor madness makes the game much more fun, even can’t imagine what it might look like GTA 5 without him.

The writers are professionally shattered the plot to pieces, vicedep his exposition of each character individually and gradually linking them overall storyline, which gradually leads us, consider on the classic “stasny” story, with gang fights, robberies, drug trafficking and the like.


Michael Townley (Michael de Santa) – a former professional Bank robber with experience illegal actions. At the age (48 years old) and is retired. Living in the rich district of the city, together with his wife and two annoying older kids. Unbalanced, but trying to restrain anger. A peaceful life for him is difficult. Has difficulty communicating with his family. Well managed with small arms.

Franklin Clinton – a black guy from a tough neighborhood of Los Santos. From an early age accustomed to dirty gangster work. He’s now 25 and he moonlights as a black courier in the showroom. Lives with his mother in a one-story shack, the black quarter. Likes good cars and fast driving. Not aggressive, more restrained, but his words will not climb, and if anything, I’ll drill the offender without hesitation. A very talented driver.

Trevor Phillips is the best friend and former partner Michael’s dirty dealings. At the age of 42 he has no less “feats” than his partner. Professionally was engaged in a military career, or was a military pilot. Then got hooked on drugs and was “demoted”. If you say he’s unstable, it means nothing to say. Yes, he’s just fucking crazy! Can kill a man just for one word or the wrong look. He had a very difficult childhood. Living outside of the city, in the suburbs, among the rednecks (which all the showers hates). Not as stupid as he seems, but his impulsivity always brings up blood. Pushing drugs. A talented pilot.

That’s the whole trio, which will keep us company all through the game. Colorful characters, isn’t it? So, it all begins with a failed robbery where one of the two main characters (Michael Townley) are caught by the police. Trevor leaves, but after he believes his friends are dead. For ten years they parted.

ft auto)”

“Review of GTA 5 (Grand theAs the saying goes: “not only the grave”. 10 years later Michael returns to the dirty work, and were already acquainted with Franklin. As a result, they commit Bank robbery, and Trevor, sitting in his village, finds out the handwriting of the old, supposedly dead friend and hurries to the city for answers. Here begins the most interesting, appear old “friends” and enemies, corrupt cops, FBI agents, mobsters, and even your own family Michael turns into one big headache. Life is back in full swing, just like ten years ago!

So begins the story of GTA 5. Yes and fed is no worse than the normal kind of Hollywood movie where the main characters now, as much as three times more. And they are all different, each in its own way cute. Someone is a bandit with a big road, that half life robbed and killed, and is now trying to live like normal “white” person someone is just a moron who, because of childhood trauma turned into uncontrollable maniac. Do not be afraid, mess with the characters does not affect the overall meaning of what is happening, follow the story is not hard. The narration is replete with flashbacks and strange accents, everything is consistent and available.

Now the players ‘ attention is concentrated exclusively around looting banks, shops, and stores of gold and other things. The developers focused on these points for a reason. Of course, what is GTA without drugs, prostitution, fights the mafia, car theft and other things? Yes no! So all of this is also present in the fifth part and believe me this “good” here in bulk.

Now just to climb the corporate ladder is not necessary, at least from the bottom. And a bag of weed “niggas” put out don’t have (well, at least so much). If you want it all you can skip, because the main story fails Nast strictly to major crimes. At Trinity, because there are plenty of experience to go to these things: to take the banks to kilograms “nalik”, drain jewelry stores and even a Federal repository of foreign exchange reserves to clean. Well, at least two for sure. Of the game gangster GTA turned into a game about a gang. The story changes in the same direction.

A similar story I’ve seen in one game. If you have not guessed, we are talking about “Kane and lynch”.

Gameplay GTA 5

GTA 5 – 3D action game, TPS (third person shooter) with a huge open and interactive game world. The gameplay is dominated by race (chase) and shooting, now they are stealth. In short, GTA 5 can be called a hybrid TPS shooter, racing and sport simulators. In free research – this is considered a huge sandbox with a bunch of mini games: Golf, yoga, tennis, street racing, shooting, adult entertainment, etc. as usual. A distinctive feature of gameplay is that the player can control almost all the vehicles including forklifts, harbour cranes, submarines and cargo planes and other things.

It was before, but now players are allowed almost anything that moves. Also in the new part in the foreground creeps of Bank robbery, in principle, even as the primary goal. Because of this, GTA 5 new game elements: organization and planning of the robberies until the search of vehicles and weapons, also appeared manual team selection and the choice of the method of the robbery. This, of course, does not PayDay with his meticulous robbery, but still, compared to previous games in the series, the raids for the “cash” now become much more serious and thoughtful. Besides the works we have now the whole gang.

Shooting and chase all also take the lion’s share of the gameplay. As in previous games in the series will be a lot of shootings and dazzling runs. They can say, glue all story dialogue and events. The job, of course, have become more diverse, but more on that later. There are also lots of mini games in sports, racing, home entertainment, and the like.

The interaction with the game world that does not end. In GTA 5 a lot of interactive objects: cafes, restaurants, gas stations, various shops, hair salons, strip clubs, weapon, etc. In a big city is always something to do, the fifth part of this plan has further advanced. Well, now with details on all the above mentioned.

City, the game world and its possibilities

Los Santos is a big city, very big. In size it exceeds the town of the previous game (GTA 4) several times, and the island itself superior to the past the creation of Rockstar more than seven times. Besides the city itself we still would be equally impressive in size, the suburbs, in the neighbouring state (in the form of really like a big village). In General, the “reserve for maniacs” rose, we have something to rejoice.

And the head of the new scale did not affect the quality of the scenery, which is important. Every corner, every nook and every street is now truly unique. Even seemingly useless locations, where the player with 95% chance will never be also efficiently handled as all the others. No more standard carbon paper to fill the space a faceless same structures and objects. All cafes, restaurants, shops, hotels, banks and even residential buildings now have a unique face and private design.

Not all of course interactive and visit every American personally, not yet, but the General impression from walking in this town have only good. But because of the quality of the rendering, it’s hard to understand where you can go and where not to. As an example, perhaps we should bring the main street of GTA 4, from billboards eyes ran in different directions. Now the feeling left me almost all the time. Even in CP*Noi village was something to see. Simulator tourist? Hmm… you know, that something really is.

I also liked how well the city is divided into different sections. I even have the impression that I move from state to state. Where not you go, everywhere has its own nature, its landscape and especially architecture, shops, people and even animals, and swimming away from the shore, it is even possible for a shark to stumble. And, by the way, in GTA 5 fame worked on and underwater world, is also the first in a series. Grass, fish, reflections of the sun – all very beautiful and naturalistic. There are even jobs to scuba dive.

And how beautifully crafted life… If, for example, in the city on the beach in the morning you can meet people pulling iron in the outdoor gym or running on the walkways beauties in the suburbs is not surprising to meet a “redneck”, sipping his beer this morning early and shmalyaet at the flying birds.

At the same time, in the center of the evening on the red carpet, as always pathetic present a new Hollywood picture, and in the ghetto, the time black lads are satisfied with street racing or go out and date ass party girls and lots of cheap alcohol. The scenery for this virtual world matched perfectly.

I’ve never been to America, but somehow it seems to me that it is precisely this is. In GTA 5 I sometimes even just nicer to ride and explore the city. Before, in previous games in the series, I’m a tourist not played, but there was literally fire all around the island. Even the pictures pretty done. Very cool that there are indeed dangerous places, much better “white” not to drop and Vice versa. Even being a tourist can give trouble themselves on a soft place.

It is worth mentioning animals, so abundantly bred in the forests, fields and deserts. And types-quite a lot, you can even hunt if there is such a desire. And Franklin appears even four-legged friend who can keep him company and even help in combat.

Another fifth are a bit advanced in terms of realistic simulation of life in the city and its inhabitants. Pedestrians become a little smarter, it’s not such a significant progress with GTA 4, but still. They now have more animation that allows you to recreate a variety of scenes from everyday life, whether it be sports, fishing or cooking barbecue. They sit on the benches, banging on about it, arguing, sometimes fighting.

They can call the police on the phone, if you want to. They can violate traffic rules and even might just beat you or even shoot. In battle sometimes trying to save their wounded comrades, ottaskivaya them in a safe place. And if the conversation turned on this subject, believe me, the cops now are not that mattresses, they can easily finish you, even the crew of the patrol car. To get away from the police are difficult, but due to the STES, if divorced, it is very easy to get lost in the alleys. More cops agreda on the territory. If you can not see visually, so the arrest will not work. Plus however.

Even sex with prostitutes was really starting to like the sex with prostitutes. Stripbar also become better in all respects. Of course, but 360-box “melons” dancers were, to put it mildly, poorly detailed, but I think in the “next-gen” version is correct and the chest will not be worse than the hot dancers from “metro last light”. The animation, incidentally, is not worse.

Internet and phone

By tradition, the fifth part will get its own Internet, with online shopping, email and other things. The idea of the fourth part did not develop further, although it is now possible to buy a lot of things, even a tank, but it probably comes as a Supplement. There is, in principle, you can not look throughout the passage. Rare tasks are mostly optional, will require you to visit the world wide web. But a lot of things interesting there napadet is still possible, although it is a pity, half in English.

The phone has the same function as before. Camera, save, connect with online services and, of course, talks with the game characters. The phone is actively used in the game, with it even possible to undermine the explosives.

Weapons, clothing, transportation

Content in GTA 5 is much, very much. If you take the example of a gun, then it at least was twice. Each species became two, and pistols and even more. There were machine guns, with good store, auto shotguns and a drum grenade launchers. There is a classic RPG and the “shestistvolka”. Melee weapons are fewer, but there are more explosives and grenades, also, the store is now available parachute and a number of rare collector’s weapons. There is even a canister of gasoline that can be used almost as well as Postal *maniacs rubbing their hands*.

To the delight of fans, weapons can now be upgraded. Moreover, it is not just a visual improvement, it really gets better from the Dodgers. Reduced returns, the stores become bigger, increased accuracy and damage. Of course, there are just visual bells and whistles, such as the military and camouflage coloring, there’s even a flashlight. (just remembered the Army of two and Arsenal) it is Impossible not to rejoice in the muffler that can be pinned now to anything. In General, cool, really cool. It is already long overdue, in the fourth part.

Clothing and appearance also underwent changes. Clothes as of stores where everywhere sold their wares. About the same as it was in “Mafia 2”. The job, incidentally, is also tied with clothes. It is impossible not to rejoice in the fact that you can now wear everything sold in the store. Even baby pink dresses. In multiplayer, these “beauties” are a dime a dozen, without laughing at them just will not look. It is possible to fill a tattoo and change her hairstyle. Options well.

The fleet also grew. A lot of cars, of all types, brands and dimensions. Vans, trucks, buses, tractors and the like. There are motorcycles of all kinds. “Sports cars” and office x*vehicles, collector cars and trash on wheels. The composition now has a transport marked “military” the military trucks, jeeps and of course a tank, a combat chopper. In General, the choice is huge. The fleet also grew. To the standard aircraft were added to its combat counterparts. To surface Caterham joined submarine.

Physics, engine, and car tuning

The fifth part of Rockstar continues to modify the ideas of previous games in the series, and quite successfully. Engine GTA 5 copes with quality “rangdrol” as before. And now the game has learned to simulate damage to an even larger number of objects in the game world. Under the distribution even began to get deleted, seemingly, not used items, in the form of wooden and rebeckah fences, rocks on the side and other small stuff, which previously could be killed as a concrete wall. But, unfortunately, most of the objects outside the road remains static and does not destroy.

As for car physics, then a lot more changes. Transport has become more docile or something. The developers specifically have improved the coupling of the wheels with the road, and therefore has risen and overall handling. Well dispersed car is no longer a “machine of death” that engulfs everything in its path, so as to inhibit him at speed before it was quickly impossible. The braking distance is reduced significantly even at high speeds braking is now easy. And hence the chase became easier and the race more interesting. Well isn’t that sweet?

To understand about what there is a speech, imagine the second “Most wanted”, instead of the usual GTA 4. To talk about realism in this case, it is very difficult, but thanks to the increased control of the car, all the classic races and chases are brighter, vivid and even interesting. There is now normal drifts and handbrake is not a useless thing. The race course became steeper.

Well, all the good I have left at the end. Meet the new, advanced tuning and upgrade cars! BAM, like a bolt from the sky! That’s not with no reason at all, the developers decided to add tuning, and even upgrade the toppings, and all this for the first time in the series. I’m not lazy and wrote everything that was in the menu, without details, of course, but for General presentation I think will do.

Armor – armor car in five points.

Brakes – four types, from standard to racing.

Bumper – front and building several types for each part.

Engine – four improvement in power.

Silencers – six types, from standard to racing.

Grille – five species.

Hood – five species.

Horn – ten types.

Headlights or two types.

Rooms – multiple display options.

Colouring + extra color. – manual adjustment of color.

Safety frame or two.

Roof three.

Rapids – several types.

Spoiler – more than five species.

Suspension – five species, including racing.

Transmission – four of a kind.

A turbo or two.

Wheel – a shitload of types.

Modification of wheels and effects – another fucking cloud.

Glass (tinted) – four species, up to 100% as Batman.

Now imagine that all this effect on driving performance cars. During tuning or upgrade, you can always see four scales with auto main characteristics that change with the installation of various parts. Cool? No doubt! This feature gives players the ability to upgrade your favorite ride, not to hunt for top. The “Rockstar” now has it’s own NFSка.

Upgrades are expensive, but it’s garbage compared to the cost of a Top sports car for $10 million. And Yes, no need now to fear that somewhere you’ll leave the car and it will disappear forever. Now all your thrown out of the house a car will be to the impound lot where the ransom you could take it back.

Leveling and skills

Yes, you heard right. Pumping returned to the GTA series. For those who are not aware of the history of the games in the series, then upgrading first appeared in San Andreas. It’s not a numbered game in the series, coming after the third part and all its add-ons. Basically, it’s pumping something and not call. Hero could become physically stronger (faster and stronger), he would have learned it is better to drive and shoot. There was even some progress indicators.

So, in GTA 5 this idea will be continued. And all game character gets 7 skills;

  • Shooting – increases damage, reload speed, and the number of transferred ammunition. Swinging with shooting heads, as well as visiting galleries and passing accuracy testing.
  • Endurance – allows faster and longer to run. Swinging through running, swimming and strenuous workouts.
  • Strength – allows you to inflict more damage with melee weapons (fists included). Reduces damage from everything in the game. Gives an advantage in sports. Swinging brawl.
  • Stealth – the value of noise and speed when covert movement. Bobs, if you go quietly, bent and handing out slaps, cutting down not noticing you characters.
  • Driving – displays the skill of driving. Swinging with jumping off while riding on the rear wheel and at a maximum speed.
  • Flying is skill driving transport. Higher skill — less shakes and easier to land. Swinging only in flight.
  • The volume of the lungs – can stay underwater as long as possible. Swinging when you dive (without scuba gear and submarines).

A total of 100 points on each skill. “Quality” is ongoing, but reminders are for 20 points. Skills are developed strictly from the related actions. It is logical that for headshots rise, “fire”, run for “endurance”. Also each character gets a number of skills at the start of the game, you can even say profession.

  • Personal skills of the heroes.
  • Michael – a great shot;
  • Franklin is a good driver.
  • Trevor is a good pilot;


In addition to everything described above, each character has an individual ability (concentration), giving him the advantage in a certain situation;

  • Michael gets the slowing down time during gunfights on foot.
  • Franklin gets the slowing down time while driving cars.
  • Trevor gets the slowing down time in a shootout and it also increases damage from weapons, and regenerating health.
  • Updated scale, each in its own way. Michael for headshots, Franklin for racing into oncoming traffic and at maximum speed, etc. At rest the scale is also recovering only slowly.

GTA 5: Basic tasks, their types, non-linearity and endings

If you are familiar with at least one or two games in the series released after the first 2D top-down projects, you probably won’t be particularly surprised by everything that was prepared for the developers. As before, GTA 5 is 50% of job: take the car, get to the point, hit the enemy. This scheme is sometimes modified, or complicated, but essentially it’s the same old good GTA with endless riding and shooting on the move.

Another 30% is sports and racing and other mini games which save was not practical in every part. Not all required in the story, so they can easily write additional entertainment on request. The fifth part would back off a little from the standards and before the players appear unusual, exotic entertainment (including for the rich): tennis, Golf, yoga (God damn it) and even a triathlon! There will be a movie, street racing, shooting galleries and even a whole amusement Park with roller coaster and Ferris wheel. Will do what.

The task of penetration under skirt girlfriend is no longer relevant. In their place came a more affordable, Busty girls in strip clubs, which do not need to carry around to touch the “bulge”. But, you can still drive to bars, get drunk there, or get stoned and then try to get home without incident.

The remaining 20% of tasks will be robberies and preparing for them. This is a multi-mission, where you need to do some actions, then to start the robbery. We need to find a weapon, find and move the transport to retreat, to attend to the purchase of masks and costumes, as well as the selection of assistants. All this is preceded by a debriefing and strategy for robbing their way, always two. One windshield, classic style – all the ground values in the bag. The latter are usually more complex and allows you to quietly and almost imperceptibly to reach the toppings, but the “on the ground” will still be.

The game is not without “weirdos” that give absolutely mind-blowing job. Sometimes, they are even for the GTA series too hard. Liked being stoned tightly fell from minigun clowns glitches. Delivered and spicy photo shoot of young celebrity playing at his Villa in chocolate eyes. In short, the meaning is clear and it is not an example even the most unusual tasks.

Also, there are mini quests that randomly appear around the city. You can Rob an armored car. You can help the person to punish the thief who stole his money, or transport. By the way, and not to return them. Also buying a property, you can get extra regular income or earn a single. These tasks usually are not difficult, but they do not differ. Made for those who haven’t done at least a couple good, big robberies. Ammunition and defense-that on something it is necessary to buy?

GTA 5 is again almost completely linear. There are no any variation with the passage. Almost all jobs, except for robberies, held on one pre-conceived scenario. And robbery are only two ways of passing, kastomizatsiya and configuration team selections, transportation and clothing. That’s all. The story of the game does not change. But in the end, you can choose three ways of completing the game (the ending). All three appear to final in any case. Ending the story section, I would say that it is difficult to complete, even for a week of continuous play.

Secrets and poskolky

To learn the game is fun, the world is big and diverse. For the most inquisitive in GTA 5 there are a lot of secrets and all Easter eggs UFO, jumps, references to other parts, and the like. Of course, all this on the case.


OK quality, very high quality. Of course, if the game was developed primarily for next-gen consoles, and the graphics in it corresponds to the severity of their toppings. I took it on an old console — xbox 360, but even for this old lady it looked satisfactory. Certainly better than all Steptonic games that came out recently and threatened to chop off a piece of the audience of GTA 5. Well, you understand, about whom I’m talking about.

The game world is detailed and gorgeous new swagger worked on the little things. It has a crisp texture, and at every step it is possible to observe a polished GUI. Whether it be asphalt, building wall, a puddle on the road or lawn in the yard of Michael. Models of people, animals, cars and other things – also decently detailed. Facial animation and drawing just the face and expressions. In the presence of a clear and dynamic shadows.

Weather effects are equally impressive. Someone said that it is better not wet the surface of the Watch bogs? Now, that person just wasn’t familiar with GTA 5. And most interestingly, a large scale does not prevent the game to look good. I will say even more. A fifth of broke up with the lousy lack in graphics from previous games in the series. I mean the fog, the fog limiting sight. Now he’s not mowing at the root part of the review, saving the graphics card from the fire.

Now you can safely climb the highest hill and, clinging to the sniper scope, you can see the whole Los Santos as a whole. Of course, a large distance can not see people, but the lighting of the city, as well as numerous transport does not disappear from sight. With this review, even at a considerable distance, the city seems alive. What is important to create a really good life simulator.

Overall, the graphics quality is not satisfactory, even on older consoles. Almost everything that was promised to us developers in the game have. Sometimes I think that even more. For such a scale, the graphics are really gorgeous. I almost forgot to mention about the performance. The fifth part runs faster on the console than the fourth is a fact. Much faster, even when the city lowered the darkness and on every corner you activate the light sources, the picture continues to gradually appear.

The only drawback is the speed of loading textures. On the convertible it is possible to be dispersed so that after a while you miraculously find themselves on the eggs in greased textures. But, in General, again, the dialogue is good. Xbox 360 is more than progress – a victory over an outdated iron.

A review of the PC version

PC latest got this wonderful game, but the wait was worth it. Prashna version looks much better console. It’s even better, more beautiful, and this is a major advantage, in front of the console. Shadows, textures, quality of detail and draw distance — that’s what was working. Also the PC will receive exclusive FPS (kind of eye) and a bunch of sakam small correction, types of animals, some nps, weapons, machines and so on.

Schools, of course. The first is system requirements. The PC version of GTA 5 will not be a weak komputerah and considering the price of the hardware, the upgrade will cost the price of three next-generation consoles. Improvement, of course, good and nice to play with graphics and even in 4K resolution, but the price bites. The second — the bugs and lag. At the start of the game and gets a better Quartet, but stocks still a cloud. The problem with the startup, registration, and other settings. There are complaints about performance.


The fifth part is without a doubt can be called the most successful game of the series, and in all respects. Well, as always. New creation Rockstar is a cut above its predecessors on virtually all counts. Graphics, gameplay, realism, scale and quality of development of the city, even the plot was more interesting. The game added “fat” and feel better. Previously, I looked at GTA 4 and just could not believe that you can do something cooler. With such scale, features, graphics, detail and physics, what could be better? My video card was completely agree with that.

In General, the most interesting, so I argue every time to release another hit from Rockstar. It’s time to get used to, because their game is 100% mega hit. Still a good word to commemorate Red Dead Redemption. To turn a good game into a perfect — they know it. So, GTA 5 – the next project on 9 out of 10, which is rightly called the game of the year 2013, (even joking that for 2014 and 2015 too) as well as one of the most popular and best-selling projects in the history of the gaming industry.

GTA 5 is essentially a combination of the best ideas of the series, backed up and enhanced new technical capabilities of modern consoles and personal computers. The fifth part of the leaps and bounds approaching the way of a perfect game. She can easily replace at the same time race shooter, a bunch of sports simulation and not only. This is an enormous game. Don’t see the point of throwing praise on, in the review of GTA 5 this much said, so just succumb to mass hysteria and buy this game. Who-who, and it is their money just worth it.

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