GTA 5 Analysis and review gameplay – PC

Beauty, optimization and plot of this game we have written one article and now it’s time to proceed to the overview of the game world and the possibilities of this masterpiece of the gaming industry. Let’s start with the fact that Grand Theft Auto V was created on the engine, Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (abbr. RAGE, which translated to English means “Rage”). This engine was created such famous works of the American Studio as Max Payne 3 and GTA IV, but on the last game of the series, the programmers worked more than one year. We have already talked about the fact that the game has incredible optimization on each of the 5 platforms, but the gameplay deserves special attention. Let’s start with the basics.

As you already know, there are three character, between which the player can switch in real time. Each of them lives its own life, and the ability to play the different characters makes the game incredibly exciting. At the bottom of the screen in the storyline, there are three icons – Michael, Trevor and Franklin, the fourth is for your character in GTA Online.

Player’s stats.

The characters in the game are not equal. Each of them has a unique set of personal indicators, for example, Franklin is a great driver, the vehicle, and Trevor is very strong. In the process of passing each character gaining experience points, and, hence, improving one or the other ability. Do not attempt to achieve a leveling of all skills to the maximum, for example, if Franklin will improve the driving in the car, he has this skill will increase, what can be said about Trevor and Michael.

Each character has its own unique opportunity. Franklin’s is the slow down when driving, so that the player could enter a sharp turn or avoid a collision with a truck. Michael’s is slowing down when shooting. This allows you to hit enemies with maximum efficiency. Special Trevor helps him fly into a Rage. In this mode he is able with one shot to hit all enemies, which has its advantages during a shootout with a large number of detractors. Your character in GTA Online there are no special features.

Skills of the characters.

GTA 5 and Online there are a number of skills that a player can increase over time. Is stamina, shooting, flying skills, strength, stealth, driving, lung capacity, mood and others. These skills affect various parameters in the game, for example, the maximum skill in Shooting will help you to more accurately hit players due to the lower recoil, in turn, the maximum flight skill will help the player reduce the effects of turbulence on an aircraft, whether airplane or helicopter.

In each part of the GTA was a mod, allowing the player to turn the first-person mode. Agree that to drive a car or fly a fighter in first person is much more interesting, it allows you to make the game more realistic. Most of the players in the GTA has no ability in real life to ride on a military fighter or to fly on American roads in a supercar with the speed of 300 km/hour, but the company Rockstar Games is this opportunity so graciously provided. And if you combine this mode with a virtual reality helmet, you can truly enjoy the beauty of Los Santos, the truth is we have no such possibility.

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