Grand Theft Auto V: Walkthrough


Ludendorff, North Yankton, 9 years ago

Michael, brad and Trevor burst into the Bank and conduct the seizure of a hostage. Go into the office and brings sight to every member of staff. Trevor set the explosives on the vault door. When he comes back, took out my phone, open the contacts list and call the only room available. Radar in the lower left corner will help you navigate. Get to the store and fills a bag with money. At the exit we’re caught by the guard. Switched to Trevor and shot in the head to neutralize him. Run to the emergency move, hide behind the box and runs out after blowing up the door. The police try to take us “cushy”. Hiding behind the pillars and advance. Follow the radar to detect enemies. Get to the car and go to the specified point.

The feds were already waiting for us. Michael hurt, so play for Trevor and shooting the cops until they finally kiss us. Then we have no choice but to escape.

Franklin and Lamar

Franklin and Lamar are taking cars from people who are not able to pay for them. Sit in one of the wheelbarrows and we follow a partner. A yellow dial under the radar abilities. Franklin can use it only when traveling on any transport. Time slows down, making it easy to maneuver in the stream at high speed. Soon we notice the cops. On such a machine is not difficult to lose them. Then you just need not to fall into their field of vision and level of razyskivaet himself exhausted. Go back to the dealership Simon Marana. He is our employer. Sit in their own car and go home. I stop in the garage to keep the car and then she will always be close to home. In the home, you can save the game progress (the bed), changing room (closet) and restore health (first aid kits, food in the kitchen).


Simon set us employee of the month. Appeared Lamar threw a tantrum about it, because he wants to be the best of the best. Go to Vespucci beach for a brand new bike. The owner had not made a single payment. When they reached the place, climbed over the fence and heading for the garage. Scour the right of them, but nothing detectable. Pick up the gun and shoot “vagosov”. Actively use cover and not averse to shooting blindly. When you see a car, shoot at the gasoline “track” to set her on fire. Hurry back to the transport and start to chase the bike. Approaching it, well-aimed shots to kill the enemy. Sit on the bike and go to the car wash. Lamar decides to leave the bike yourself.


Simon sends us to another customer who was late in payment. James de Silva is the son of Michael. Almost never leaves the house and sits on the neck of parents. When they reached the mansion, cross the border, jumping through the door. Enter stealth mode, sneak up to the gardener and stuns him. Go around the house, climb up on the machine, and with it tightened to the roof. Through the window to get inside. Continuing to move stealthily, down to the first floor and go through the garage. Sit in the SUV and go back to the dealership. As it turned out, all the while in the back seat was Michael. He takes us on a fly and asks to RAM the window of the showroom. By doing this, we receive the reward and switch to Michael. Strikes with hands and feet. After a successful Dodge, you can make a counterattack.

Father and son

Switch to Franklin. In the selection menu indicates the number of available jobs for your character. Go to Michael’s house and go to the pool. Share with him the problems and he agrees to help us. Playing as Michael, receives a call from Jimmy. He was trying to sell, but buyers were dishonest and took her away just like that. Get in the car Amanda and go to the rescue of his son. Catch up with the truck and carefully drove up close, so Franklin can jump on it. Then can switch to the cinematic camera and watch the scene from the height of bird flight. This character is able to operate the machine. When the thief grabs Franklin, again, try to get closer to increase the chances of getting it. We overtake a truck and have the car at Jimmy, who clung to the mast. Also pick and Franklin drove up in the ass of the truck.

Car broke down at the most inopportune moment. Turn around and go to Los Santos Customs mod shop. The money that gave us Michael, enough to repair and easy upgrades.

Couples counseling

Michael found Amanda and the tennis coach in my own bed. Sit in the truck and rush in pursuit of his wife’s lover. He will lead us into a mansion. While in the heat of passion, tie a rope to a pole, get in the car and press the gas pedal. Destroyed a house, back in the mansion. On the way receives a call from Natalie, who promises to give us serious problems. Switch to Franklin and shoot the pursuers. Aim at the wheel or in the driver.

The house we destroyed belonged to Martin Madrazo – the head of the Mexican mafia. To get rid of an influential businessman does not, and the debt in two and a half million will have to pay. To get that kind of money lying by the pool will not work and so Michael decides to do what he does best.


Lamar planned to kidnap a member of the gang “Ballas”. Get to the van and on it go to Vinewood Boulevard. When the target runs away, back to the van and pursued the fugitive until, until he gets hit by a bus. Produced chop and continue pursuit on foot. Climb over various obstacles and try to keep up with Dee. Getting to the tracks, miss the aim. The menu choice was available the dog, switch to him and see what is happening. Again, switch to Franklin and scour indicated on the radar wagons. The dog will run to the DOE. We approach closer and pulls it out by clicking on the appropriate button. We examine three wagons, one of which Di detected. Chop will easily catch up to him. Climb in the van and go to the house of Lamar. By mistake he calls the “Ballas” and demanding of them a ransom. Now they will not be difficult to track us, so the issues of Di and leave Lamar at the leisure centre.

Daddys girl

Could not help, Michael smashes the TV with his favorite son, after he did not mince words, making time for a video game. In order to calm down and steady my nerves together and go to the beach. Rent any bike and rush to the other end of the pier. Quickly and often click on the button run to go even faster. Follow the scale of health. Excessive load leads not only to fatigue but also to a gradual decrease in health.

Looks like Jimmy just gave us here. In verbal sparring, he tells Michael that his daughter Tracy is on an expensive yacht nearby. Jump into the water and swim to her. Freeing Tracy from the company cranks out of show business, get on the through the channel. Use sharp turns by holding down the corresponding button and button to move to the side. Also, do not forget to shoot. Breaking away from the pursuers, get to the beach.

Add to friends

Lester – old friend Michael who planned all the robberies of the gang. Agree to help him in a couple of cases. One of the instructions is to annoy Jay Norris – Creator of the global social network “Lifeinvader”. Grab a backpack and go to the store “Suburban”. Choose any vest and get to the Lifeinvader offices. At the entrance to communicate with a programmer who works in this company. Follow him to his workplace. The entire area of the screen is filled with pages of erotic content. Quickly click on the TIC and clear the screen. If you delay, then the window will appear again and again. In the end, on the desktop, find the antivirus and run it.

We pass the office on the left side and connect the microchip to the prototype. After leaving the building, heading home. Settled on the couch in front of the TV in the living room, changing the channel, pressing the button of the movement “right”, and watch the presentation. When Jay Norris get the phone, turn on the phone, open the contacts list and call him.

Exploration jewelry

Before starting job we’re going shopping “Ponsonbys” and acquire suit. After some discussion with Lester, we decide what we’re going to Rob a jewelry store. Together go to the specified point. Get glasses and go through the alley where the store is located. Once inside, turn on a hidden camera. Take pictures of the camera (in the corner), alarm system (near the door on the left) and the ventilation (on the ceiling between the cameras). Approach the clerk and ask her to pick up something for us. Leave, promising to return.

Drive around the building and found the construction site. Drive to the point, go inside and climb to the second floor. Continue to climb up the stairs in the room on the right side. Once out on the roof, turn left and climb higher. Stand on the glass roof, so Lester was able to assess the situation. Go ahead, climb the stairs and go around the fenced area. Climb to the highest point, include a hidden camera and take pictures of the ventilation system inside the fenced area. Back to Lester and sent to the sewing factory.

After evaluating the plan of action, choose one of two options – “Loud” or “Smart”. Next, we select the candidates for the role of accomplices.

The driver is responsible for the transport, which we have to get away from the angry cops. An experienced driver will not procrastinate and will lead us on the perfect route.

The shooter is watching the hostages and responds quickly to their actions (“Loud”). Also, it will help us in the short term to break the showcases in jewelry.

Hacker – for him alarm. The more experienced hacker, the more time we will have to collect the jewels.

Inexperienced candidates can die on the job, and then we have to compensate moral harm to their loved ones. The proportion in this case may be even more than that percentage, who asked the mercenary. If you do not have time to pick up dead men’s money, the final amount will be even less.

Bugstar equipment (“Smart”)

Training to the main task also depends on the chosen action plan. Waiting for text messages from Lester and go to the port. The warehouse penetrate through the gate from the ocean. Enter stealth mode, sneak up to the enemy and stuns him. Sit in the pest control van to go to the specified point.

BZ gas grenades (the plan “Clever)

The city is riding an armored van Humane. Upon reaching it, shoot the door to until the van will not stop. Kill the driver and pushes the van to the specified point, previously hiding from the police.

Robbery of a jewelry

After discussing with the team a plan of action, get in the car and drive to the construction site. Climb to the roof, reach the highest point and throw a gas grenade into the ventilation system. Direct the scope directly into the lower part of the yellow mark.

Sneak into the shop, break the Windows indicated on the radar and collect the jewels. Time is limited, do not linger in any case. After leaving the store, sit on the bike and go for friends. Jump on the freeway and immediately turn into the tunnel on the right. If necessary, use special abilities. Leaving out, switch to Michael and rammed the police cars. Destroy them before we get to the meeting place.

Plan “a” does not differ from the plan “B”. Skip to the paragraph with gas and storm the store with intimidation of visitors and staff.

Stretch in freedom

Recently recumbent Stretch trying to improve relations with main gangs. Franklin with Stretch tensions. Sit in the car and go to the “Ammu-Nation”. Purchased a shotgun and a flashlight for him. Get to the processing plant, where they meet up with Dee. After a failed attempt of his kidnapping, he decided not to stay and brought “Ballas”. Break out, simultaneously shooting enemies. Moving slowly, as they can suddenly appear from around the corner. Use shelters and often glancing at the radar. Going down to the warehouse, keep away from inflamed goods. Get out, go down the stairs and hiding behind boxes, kill the shooters on the helicopter. Follow friends, take the first available car and hiding from the cops, use the abilities. Coming home.

Mr. Phillips

Dave – the Federal agent involved in our business in North Yankton. It was not difficult to guess that we are involved in a recently reported robbery. This news came up to Trevor. Enraged, he runs out into the street and lay himself the brains of johnny – the leader of the gang “the Lost”. Sit in the truck and together with his assistants go to the habitat of the gang. Telling them what we did to their friend, they immediately scoot. Follow the van that will take us to the base “Lost”. Bikers on motorcycles, you can shoot.

Special Trevor – to go ahead and kill, while remaining almost invulnerable and inflict double damage and receive half. Enemies will try to surround us, so watch the radar. Cleaning the area, get to the trailer by the river. Trevor sends Wade into the city to find Michael.

The Aztecs — our direct competitors. They deal in guns. To expand actually business will have to eliminate them. We press on the gas pedal and push the trailer into the water. Ortego kill when he gets out of the water. If you want to keep him alive. In the next mission he will appear again, and even then to survive he will not succeed. Toss Ron to his house and do the same back in the house.

Trevor Phillips Industries

Meet with the Chinese who are interested in our business. Will hold for Mr. Chen’s tour of the laboratory for the production of ice. Accept a call from the Chief. He reports about the planned attack, “the Aztecs”. Guests sheltered in a safe place, stored weapons and proceed to sweep the area. Constantly changing position for a better view. Don’t forget to use special abilities and all the weapons that we have. Finished with enemies manufactured by the Chinese out of the box.

Nervous Ron

Bikers ransacked our house. Wade also did not come with very good news to find Michael he has not succeeded. We sit on the ATV and go to the “Ammu-Nation”. Purchased a sniper rifle and silencer with improved sight for her. Get to a comfortable position where we can safely fire. Climb up on the water tower.

Focus the sight on the Rhone. Follow him until he gets to the building. Then aim at the enemy near the control tower on the right. Also shooting two spotlights, illuminating the stairs. Monitor arrived by van. When the driver gets out, kill him. A floating eye on top of the control room. Shoot the enemy again roaming sight down and neutralize the enemy right to the stairs. Upstairs there is another. After killing him, continue to follow Ron. Deal with the two enemies next to the tank on the right side. Another will appear slightly to the right. Aim at the helicopter and when he will crash in one place, shoot the pilot.

Getting to the hangar and clean the area. Go inside, fall on the wing of the plane and continue to shoot anyone who tries to get close to us. Necessarily undermine established by Ron charges. We move to another plane accelerate and take off, holding down the movement button “back”. Fly to the ocean. Drop the cargo near the shore where the signal smoke. Begin to gradually decline, even before reaching the runway. Also need to start to slow down. Being on the ground, turn the plane corresponding buttons and pull in.

Ice maze

The Chinese have decided to cooperate with the O’neil brothers. This situation does not suit us, so we go to the farm most of these brothers. When they reached the place, occupied a position on the hill. Some of the brothers O’neill attend the meeting with the Chinese, leaving the thug to defend the lab. Get a sniper and kill the enemies in the building on the first and second floors. Roaming sight to the hangar. Alternately, shoot two more. Wait until three in the van. One of them will remain next to the building to neutralize it.

Go down the hill and enter the house from behind. Sneak through the rooms in stealth mode. Try not to face the enemies as long as possible to surprise them. Go to the basement, grab the canister and, while holding down the shot button, pour gasoline “path” to the street. Shoot in the “track” and watch the destruction of the mansion.

The reunion of friends

Wade finally managed to find Michael. Before sending it to the city, we will stop in the trailer Park and have there the massacre. Walk along the perimeter and throw sticky bombs at the marked trailers. Undermine them, go back to Wade and move out to Los Santos.

Dwell in the house of my cousin Wade. Floyd lives with his girlfriend Debra, who is currently on a business conference.

Shame or glory

Switch to Michael. Almost the whole family together. The incessant swearing was able to stop just suddenly appeared Trevor. That long-awaited meeting old friends. Jimmy in time tells us that Tracy is at the casting show “Shame and glory” — the place where liberate the talents of beautiful girls. Along with Trevor, go to the arena “Maze Bank”. After Parking, getting to the Studio for the second time and freed his daughter from the clutches of showbiz. Rush in pursuit of Laszlo.

Getting out, stealing a truck. Zip-off platform and overtakes the fugitive to the river. Conducting with Lazlo an instructive conversation.


Meet with Dave and tell him that Trevor came to town. Also, our noble Savior know that we participated in the robbery of jewelry. It is in our interest to help Dave. Ferdinand Kerimov – a source of valuable information. Fed needs to get her, and of Ferdinand, before he said anything incriminating information on the Bureau. In the Office saying he’s dead, so we have to go to the morgue alone to identify the corpse.

Waking up, he grabs the coroner and hide behind the bed. In stealth mode, we pass in the hallway and deafen the enemy. Inspect the body of Ferdinand isn’t here. Moving through the corridors and deal with enemies. Often glance at the radar and use special abilities, which allows you to slow down time. Climb the stairs, pick up the equipment from the box marked with a green dot on the radar. Get out through the window, steal the car and hidden by the police. Reach oil rigs, where he met with Franklin. From that moment we became involved in the competition between the FRB and the Office.

Murder Hotel

Leicester have prepared for Franklin. On the market there are two pharmaceutical companies. And if we eliminate one of the competitors, the other stock will jump up dramatically. Get to the gun store, purchased a sniper rifle and go to the tiered Parking lot in front of the hotel. Rise two floors up and occupy a comfortable position. When the timer expires, the target will leave the hotel and sit in the car. Aim and take a shot. Quickly leave the territory. For good performance get the corresponding reward. Now we have a new house in Vinewood hills.

Murder – 4 goals

Company Redwood bribed four jurors that will allow her to be justified in court. Lester was a little concerned about the claims of people with the disease, the important thing is that after that, the shares of Debonaire Cigarettes will be sold at a much higher price. Time is limited, so act quickly, trying to remain unnoticed. For this job will ideally suit a sniper rifle and transport – the motorcycle. Killing of bodybuilder, go to the Bank, take aim and neutralize juror. Get to the medical center. Move away from buildings and aim for the platform for washing the Windows on the upper floor. The last juror – biker. You can shoot on the go.

Exploration in the port

Floyd works at the port. Change clothes and go to investigate. Learn about a cargo ship, a carefully guarded by a private mercenary army. Parked, Floyd will lead us to take a look at the goods. To work also have. Sit in the forklift and drive to the station V. We are here on sufferance, so do everything carefully, otherwise they’ll catch us. Placed a hold on the container, catch it, raise up and driven to the site F. Gently drop down and set so that there is a place for the second container.

Climb on the crane and go through the cabin. Do everything according to the instructions in the upper left corner. Be sure to change the angle to place the traverse just above one of the containers on the left side, which transfers to the truck on the right. Carry out the same action with the second container. Go up the stairs, turn right and pass to the observation point at the end of the catwalk. You get the phone, turn on the camera. Do the pictures of the front and rear of the vehicle and the guard. Send the photos to Ron.

Go down, sit in the truck and head to the docks. Moving on the right side as the left gate opened only at the entrance to the territory. Of course, in a restricted area as we drive. Floyd will be the bait and distract the attention of the mercenaries themselves. Taking the suitcase and going home. Ron found out a little about the ship. Under it is a container with military equipment. Draw up a plan of action. Choose one of the options – “Cargo ship” or “Sea adventure”. If you choose to gamble, then teach Michael to flight school, and Franklin – in “Ammu-Nation” shooting range.


Get to the ship, come aboard and let off the sub. Being discreet, or neutralize the guard. Jump into the water, sit in the submarine and deliver it to the pier 400. Floyd has already prepared the rig, which sank the submarine and deliver it to the warehouse.

. (“Sea adventure”)

The helicopter is on a military base, entering which immediately get four stars of razyskivaet. Access by car up to the helicopter. Use special abilities and shoot the enemies in the area. Then quickly, sit in traffic, take off and fly away as soon as possible. Held down the button and shot forward. Gonna be coming after us combat helicopter, which is inferior to ours in speed, but can fire missiles. If necessary, Dodge to the side, but don’t turn down the speed. Deliver the helicopter to a specified point.

Robbery, Merriweather

Plan A. Drive Franklin to the bridge, then switch to him and takes a sniper position. Eliminate the two mercenaries. Freely switching between Michael and Franklin. If you play for Michael, moving slowly, as Franklin may not be able to kill the enemies and then find us. Bombs set carefully, closely approaching the object. When Michael run inside, we have to fend off reinforcements arrived. Cleaning the area, kill the helicopter pilot. Zoom out of sight to not be missed the transport out of sight. Cover Michael before he leaves the ship. Open the contacts list and select “Undermine”.

Playing for Michael, sailing, focusing on sonara on the radar. The device is placed on the bottom. After finding it, switch to Trevor, get the device and catching it delivered to pier 400. All that work down the drain. Lester tells us that the found device is a superweapon. And if you do not return it, then the government will give us serious trouble.

Plan V. after Collecting all three characters, go to the airport. When they reached the runway, sit in the helicopter, fly up, release the hook and catches the submarine. Deliver it to the venue of the test and discharged to water. Switching to Trevor, activate the Trackify app that will allow you to detect military equipment. Guided by radar, swim to the red dot. When it will be in the center of the radar, ie under us, immersed to a maximum depth of 175 meters. Surface and switched to Michael, we catch a submarine. We return to the airport, along the way, destroy the mercenaries. Franklin can move from one side to the other and shoot the pursuers on boats and helicopters. Reset the sub and land. All that work down the drain. Lester tells us that the found device is a superweapon. And if you do not return it, then the government will give us serious trouble.

Three’s company

Going to meet with Dave. Meet with his boss Steve Heinsohn. Ferdinand Kerimov interrogated at the local branch Management. Urgently need to get him out of there. Trevor and Franklin will help us in this matter. Getting to the place of the meeting and sent to the headquarters Management. Fly up to the roof of the building on the West side to drop off Michael. Switch to him and go down the rope. Held down the button to make you run fast for more powerful jumps. Splitting a window, rush inside and switch to Franklin. Shoot enemies as long as Michael and Kerimov will not get out of the building.Again, switch to Michael and kill the rest of the Management staff.

Playing for Michael, shooting the cockpit of an approaching helicopter and kill the pilot. Switch to Michael or Franklin, depending on what you want to do – shoot or, respectively, to control the helicopter. If you play for Michael, we use special abilities.

All the instructions

Playing as Michael, receives a call from Steve. Move to the warehouse and on the way switch to Trevor. We will talk to Ferdinand. He already said where the goal is. To get home, but it was not the man we need. Switch to Trevor and start the torture. Take any tool. For example, pliers. Grab the tooth by holding down the fire button and rotate the stick clockwise. Get information, switch to Michael and go to Kumasi. On the way, it turns out that brad is not sitting prison, and lies in the grave in Michael’s place.

We occupy a comfortable position and look forward to new information. Switched to Trevor and continue the torture. Thus, it appears more and more small parts. The desired target is a smoker with a beard. He stands on the balcony. By the sight, Michael will comment on it. After the shot, switch to Trevor and drove Kerimov to the airport, if he left the country and told the world about the torture.

Someone said “yoga”?

Amanda as usual unhappy with the fact that Michael is a wrong way of life. Fabien offers yoga all together. Go to the pool and perform exercises. Adopt the posture, holding the sticks is rejected in the specified direction. After each movement, simultaneously held the trigger down and release them after filling in the circles. Patience Michael ends when Fabien starts to allow himself too much. It’s touching in a brazen Amanda, and she seems to like it. So attacking Fabien, she promises to leave forever.

Upstairs Jimmy. Transfer it to other “Burger Shot”. On the way back son decides to bring us intoxicating cocktail. Being unable to operate the machine, Jimmy counted us out. The hallucinations intensified. Fly down and collide with the earth to Wake up. Get home and read the note from Amanda. She moved out with the children, and, apparently, does not intend to return.

Blitz-the game (part 1)

Meet with Steve and Dave. Again, we have to help them, despite the agreement not to involve us in their own business. The office got the money from the sale of drugs. Our task is to intercept an armored van and take “dirty” money. The preparation of the operation may engage in any of the characters.

Safaris the area

Stretch and Lamar want to implement drugs. To do this, they decided to buy a small batch of “Ballas”. We sit in the van and get to grove street. During the transaction Trevor immediately sensed something was wrong: we tried to slip a fake instead of the real product. The whole street in arms against us. When in cover, shoot the enemies. Freely switch between characters. Special Trevor will help to overcome a large number of opponents. Get to the second intersection and turn left. Down to the river, take control of the jetski and follow friends. Divided, we lose the cops.

Transport for waste

Sit in the right car (a notification will appear), leave it in some place (lane, Parking, etc.), open the phone book, call one of the characters (Michael, Trevor, Franklin) and select “Mark the coordinates of the transport.”


Get to the “Ammu-Nation” and buy three of the jumpsuit, going to the hangers in the right wall.

Garbage truck

Catching up to move around the city garbage truck. Block the road, sit in it and drives away to the site of FRB.

Tow truck

Steal a tow truck, pre-stunned mechanics, and deliver it to the FRB site.


Buy any three any mask from the shop near the beach for himself and his companions.

Blitz-the game (part 2)

Met on the site fed, dressed, get in the truck and drive to cypress flats. Disposable car across the road, blocking both lanes. When you get an armored truck, protrusive it, after switching to Franklin. Set the bomb-Velcro at the back door of the truck. Depart away and undermine. Take away bonds.

Hiding behind the barrier, switch to Trevor and shoot the police from a grenade launcher. Soon the enemies will start to approach from the side alley. Put Michael or Franklin. Periodically switch to Trevor and kill the snipers on the roof of the building on the other side of the road. Anyway, in any case in control of all three characters to prevent breakthrough of the enemy. After destroying the helicopter, switch to Franklin and on the back of the truck, get to the car we left before the operation. Destroy the garbage truck, for example a bomb with a sticky and pulls away.

Switched to Michael, we go to meet a friend of Steve Devin Weston and pass him the paper. There is a new work, and the impetus for its implementation becomes acquainted with Solomon Richards, a famous movie producer, which is a fan Michael.

War with the law

Devin is interested in expensive cars rich kids. Michael and Trevor wear police uniforms and to wait for the signal. Franklin will provoke the owners of the cars, so they agreed to race. Overtake them are not necessarily important to keep up. This will help us special.

Switch to Michael and start chasing. Pursued violators as long as they decide to stop. Confiscate the car and deliver it to the garage. Can choose any character and compete with others.

Murder – Panel

Jackson Skinner sells confidential information. Get to the designated place and follow the prostitute. When she sits in the car, pick up close and kill Skinner any way.

Murder Bus

Isaac penny plans to acquire a controlling stake in the company Phantom Motor Company and fire most of the workers. He travels exclusively by bus. Steal transport and go on the route. Isaac refuse to travel and use the bike. Catch up and eliminate him.

A black helicopter

Work for car theft is not yet complete. The plan is made on 2/5. Next target – Z-Type, the owner of which reliably hides it. Discreetly to follow Chad Mulligan is only possible by air. Use the police helicopter, which has onboard computer that allows you to recognize pedestrians on the chip rights. Playing as Franklin, get to the meeting place. Switch to Trevor and do a test scan of Franklin. This induced him sight and hold down the appropriate button.

Fly to Havik Avenue, scan all marked targets. Can also eavesdrop on their conversation. Finding Chad, watching him. He will enter the building from one side and out the other. Then he will go to the garage where his car is. Franklin will not have time to steal it. Not lose sight of the Z-Type, increasing and decreasing the scale. Chad will call in a multilevel Parking. Close in, and use a thermal imager. Identify Franklin, he stands in the center. Move the sight to the left and pointing to the sitting in the car of a man. Switch to Franklin and run to the goal. If Chad kept alive, soon after the theft, he will call the police (two stars). Distilled Z-Type to the airport.

Exclusive cars on the Internet.

Mr. Richards

Solomon Richards has planned another great project. Applying for the main role Milton McIlroy and directed by Anton Baudelaire was under the influence of the agent Rocco Pelosi. Soon they should go to a lawyer to sign contracts with the agent who will present new conditions for Solomon Richards. Get to the club in East Los Santos.

Jump over the fence and in a secretive mode move to the stairs on the left side. Upstairs, wait a bit, sneak to the employee and stuns him. Go up the next ladder and cautiously walk along the wall. Jump over obstacles, not ahead of the parallel running workers. Go up to the helipad and enter into melee with Pelosi. After studying it, sit in the helicopter. The so-called “artists” refuse to work. Fly under the bridges and thereby bully Milton and Anton. Back to the Studio and go to Solomon.

Free fall

Playing as Michael, receives a call from Martin Madrazo and agree to a meeting in his ranch. Cousin Martin Javier is going to testify against him. Javier soon to go to liberty city with some files Martin. Get to the van and use a high-powered rifle. We increase the scale aim at the red square and take a shot. Then you have to hit it two more times. Reduce or increase the scale to be able to smoothly move the sight over the square. Use special abilities.

Switch to Trevor and rush for the falling plane. Get to the wreckage, kill Javier and takes the file out of the plane. Trevor alone will deliver them to Martin. Switch to Michael, pushes the van somewhere far away and destroy it. Heading to Madrazo’s house on the way receives a call from Trevor. He asks to drive up to the cement plant. As it turned out, between Trevor and Martin scuffle. The employer did not want to pay for the service, well, and Trevor without thinking twice kidnapped his wife Patricia.

The introduction of deep

Get to the Studio, cross the border and crept to the actor stuns him. After changing clothes, we ran to the car, sit in it and get out on the streets of the city. Quickly don’t have to go as sitting in the passenger seat, the actress will periodically grab the wheel, preventing the machine control. Get rid of protection can be very specific way. Let them close and scattered thorns. Then click on the red button, katapultiert the girl to go to the garage.


Go to Michael. Switch to Michael, then Trevor. Ron reported the transportation of a large batch of weapons for “Merriweather”. Reach the plane and it fly to the cargo plane. Keep the right height, so the military was unable to detect us. Also go around the military base itself, otherwise the detection can not be avoided. If there was a short signal, then you need to reset the height. Taking off from the forbidden zone, rise to the height of the cargo plane and fly right into the cargo Bay. Shoot the enemies and get to the cockpit. Taking the controls, flying to the airport Mackenzie. Rose in the air fighters. After several warnings they will open fire. Fly higher, jump out of a plane and landing, opening the parachute.

Flight school.

Murder Is Building

Enzo Bonelli, a mob, the remaining developer and threats to loose half the contracts in the city. Eliminating it, as usual the stock company’s competition will rise in price. On the job take an RPG and a sniper rifle with a silencer. Get to the construction site and pass to the end along the fence on the right side. Cross the border and now we go back, incidentally destroying a single of the guards with a sniper rifle. Use the Elevator to climb to the upper floors. Destroy the enemies and climb to the roof. Kill the guard and shoot the helicopter from an RPG. Scattered everywhere parachutes, take one of them and jump down.

Plan things in Paleto

Dave and Steve give us a new job. It requires a lot of different techniques, money which will have to produce their own. The only option is to Rob Central Bank in the boondocks. Let’s go meet Lester in Paleto Bay. We reach the main entrance of the Bank, focused the camera and passing on the adjacent site. We leave the car, focusareas on the alarm and shoots at her. We drive off to the gas station and waiting for the cops. After watching their reaction, returning to the office in any character. Acquainted with the plan and choose the arrow. The police will be a lot, so the more experienced candidate, the better.


Playing as Trevor, get to home, or immediately switch to Franklin and persecuted brothers O’neill as long as they don’t get smashed. Go down and make sure they fled the scene of the accident. Switch to Trevor, get to the airport and fly by helicopter to the woods. Playing as Michael, you take the rifle and turn on the thermal imager. One of the brothers in the river, the other near the road and the last one was somewhere on the hill. He starts shooting at us with RPG. Switch to Franklin and run for the dog. Get the position of the arrow catch up and kill him. Switch to Trevor and land the chopper on the way, pick up friends and go back to the airport.

Military equipment

Catching up with the convoy on the move throw bomb-lipicky in accompanying the truck of the machine and undermine them. Or block the path and shoot the military. Passing the truck in a laboratory for the production of ice.

Robbery in Paleto

We sit in the van and get to the pier. Plant Franklin, he will be waiting at the river. Now actually go to the main. Park at the main entrance of the Bank and charge in. Playing as Michael, come to the bars and beats her when the shooter finishes the job. After gathering the necessary amount of money put on strong armor and begin to break through the crowd of police. Try not to leave enemies behind you, so how are we going to lose money after each hit on the bag. If the shooter is inexperienced, it can kill, it does not forget to pick up his bag.

Switch to Franklin and go to the allies. Lower the blade and raise it after the interaction with military equipment. Get to the desired point, picking up accomplices and sent to the factory. Through it, shooting enemies. Arrive at the train platform and jump on the train. We will meet with agent Sanchez that will take most of the money.

Sea race.


“Train dreams” – so Trevor called special Express train belonging to “Мtрриуэзер”. Usually carrying gold, Antiques or paintings. Catching up with the transport, we overtake it on the right side and jump onto the roof from the hill. The carriages get to the engine, eliminate the driver and take the train under control.

Switch to Michael and go to the bridge. Pitting of the train, Trevor will jump down. Throw a bomb-Velcro in the door for the orange container and undermine it. Destroy the arriving mercenaries. If necessary, hide behind a tree. Shoot the helicopters and kill the snipers on the bridge. Use thermal on the sniper rifle to locate them. Jump on the boat and sit down beside Michael. Switch to Trevor, if you want to shoot or Michael, if you want to sail. Get to the shore, where Michael takes produced the statue to send it to Martin Madrazo, instead of vowing Trevor a new case – a robbery of the Federal repository.


Control over the manufacture of the dangerous neurotoxin for terrorists. Nothing promotes financing as the prosperity of terrorism. Swim up to that point, dive into the water and follow the feds. To get to the lab to be on the discharge tunnel. For this it is necessary to saw the bars. Held down the shot button, aiming the torch at the green dots. We reach the entrance of the lab and head to the chamber with neurotoxin. On the way stuns laboratory staff. Also appeared in the Arsenal of Taser that allows you to neutralise enemies from a distance. Pick up the toxin and moving forward, destroying the security service. Getting out, put the neurotoxin in the fridge.

Switch to Trevor, approaching the allies and touches the container, hovering above him. Steve will remain in the lab to cover us. Fly to the airport, drop the container on the platform of the truck and landed nearby. Lester managed to settle the problem with Martin Madrazo, handing him the booty from the train. Playing as Trevor, Patricia returned to her legitimate husband.

Peace and quiet

Debra returned from a conference and a scandal to the Floyd, and then started to threaten Trevor. And it ended, Trevor dismembered couple in their own apartment. Together with Wade going to the strip club and spend his capture.

Intelligence is a big deal

Get to the “Vanilla unicorn” and go through the Manager’s office through the door on the left. A big deal requires careful preparation. Playing as Michael, drive to the Bank. We examine the main entrance, then go to the other side to the back door. Not a lot: at each entrance stand one guard. Switch to Trevor and get to the airport. Helicopter flying in the Murieta heights. Don’t miss armored vehicles out of sight, switching to the camera of Leicester. Trevor manage to keep up with goals. When they go into a tunnel, continue to fly along the road and wait for them on the other side. Flew the Bank building and find the site. Hang over it, switch to the view from the camera of Leicester and doing shots. Back in the airport, or switch to Michael and Franklin drove home.

To bury the hatchet

During another dispute, Trevor asks Michael a question that ever had heard – “who lies dead, Michael?”. Receiving no answer, Trevor decides to go to North Yankton and to personally verify this. Playing for Michael, trying to stop him. Steal the car and get to the airport. Climb up to the entrance of the terminal on the second level and take off in Ludendorff.

We reached the cemetery and run to the grave. The moment of truth. Trevor made sure that instead we buried brad. During our skirmish, appear Chinese. Trevor manages to escape, and we move to his car, passing shooting enemies. As soon as you can pick up more powerful weapons. Glancing at the radar and do not allow that surrounded us. Just sat in the car, we immediately caught. Playing as Trevor, fly to the airfield of sandy shores. On the road with us contact Wei Chen and wish that we turned his business around. Trevor refuses the deal, despite the fact that the Chinese have promised to kill Michael.


Lamar got the fifth car from the list of Devin. To reach it and drives away to the truck. The path to the discharge point is not near, so go carefully so as not to damage the precious cargo. When the cops show up, Franklin starts to move to one of the machines. Try not to wobble and not run into cops. Switch to Franklin and move behind the truck, not allowing him the police. Manufactured by spikes before the persecutors, and against those who managed to drive forward, use guns. Meet Molly at the due place.

Fresh meat

Trevor tells Franklin about events that happened in North Yankton. Lester throws us a program that will allow you to track the phone signal Michael. Took out my phone and select the lower right icon. The red dot should be in the center and then we will discover the whereabouts of the other. We went around the building and find the entrance. Penetrate the meat plant, destroying the Chinese people and get to Michael. Throw him a gun and continue to shoot from the arriving enemies. Switch on one, then on another character. Get out and go to Michael’s house. He tells Franklin about the history with brad. Franklin disapproved of this action, but, nevertheless, continued to maintain neutrality in the complex relationships between old friends.

The ballad of Rocco

Caught beating Solomon new agent of the actor. We catch up with Rocco and kill him. Accept the invitation of Solomon and go to the Studio. Michael dreams come true. His name as producer listed in the credits of the new film Solomon.

Cleaning service Bureau

The Bureau suspects of Steve in “foul play”. Seriously attended to this problem, we propose to enter the building of the FRB and to conduct a “cleansing”. High turnover among the janitors will allow us to use the identity of one of the employees to enter the building without arousing suspicion. Park it on the outskirts of the Parking lot and focusareas plate. Lester will warn us when Harvey Molina will travel forward. Follow him, keeping at a distance. Enter the apartment and collect the necessary things. Drove Lester to the factory.

Family reunion

Jimmy decided to visit Michael. After talking with him, go to Bean Machine. Paquetatges with Fabiana, Amanda offers to gather the whole family Dr. Friedlander. Will pick up Tracey at the tattoo parlor. Get Lazlo first punctures his brow, nose and ear and then drawing a tattoo. This decline stick in the specified direction. Also cut off his signature “tail”. Get to the office and conduct a session of family therapy. All go home together.

The plans of the architect

Switch to Franklin and pursue the architect. In his suitcase is a layout of the office. Climbing to the top floor, trying to catch up the goal and direct it on target weapons. Select drawings, leave the building and hiding from the police. Get to the garment factory and select a plan – “Fire” or “Hacking”.

  1. A) In this option, I’ll take the two shooters. Inexperienced fighter dies during a mission.
  1. B) We need a hacker, gunner, and driver. From hacker arrow and almost nothing depends on, but the experienced driver will be able to provide us with the ideal care after we get out of the building. Inexperienced the driver will force myself to wait, and besides, will provide us with a slow van + fourth level of razyskivaet.

Transport for waste

Stealing the right car, pushes her to the Parking lot in a deserted place or in the alley and call Franklin or Lester, selecting “Mark the coordinates of the transport.”

Trouble with the law

Devin plans to close the Studio, before receiving a large sum of insurance money for an unfinished film. Molly takes with the film. Catch her in pursuit. Get to the airport and pursued the fugitive up until she stops. By chance, the girl was sucked into the turbine. Pick up the tape, go back to the car and hiding from the police. Then Solomon tells us by phone that there were other copies of the film. There is good news: the shooting and editing is complete and the film “Disaster” ready for demonstration to the General public. Michael along with his family invited to the premiere.

Fire truck

Open the contacts list in your phone, select the service of salvation and called the fire Department. Wait for it to arrive, steal a fire truck and pushes it to the sewing factory.

The RAID on the Bureau

Plan A. Get to the Federal Agency, pass inside and go through the turnstile. Go up the Elevator to the top floor, taking the MOP and bucket from the storeroom and MOP the floor in these contaminated areas. After each wiping, be sure to wet the MOP in the bucket. The path set of a bomb in the locker and toilet. Return the MOP to the back room, down the Elevator and leave the building.

Switch to Franklin, pick up Michael and took out the phone, choose a contact “to Undermine”. Drive to the FBI building, go inside and get to the room with the data. Use the bomb-Velcro to undermine the door. Taking the disk and heading for the exit. After the explosion, one of the allies thrown back. Depending on his experience he would die or live. In any case, you need to examine the body. Continue to run for the gang. Another explosion “cut off” from the rest of the group members. Cautiously moving forward, shooting the agents. Reunited with allies, climb higher and reach the Elevator shaft. Climb down the rope and get out of the building. Go to the coordinates of the waste, leave the car and destroy it. Sit in a pre-prepared car and get home Leicester.

Plan B. Go to the government building, which we have provided friends of the FRB. Sit in the helicopter, fly to a specified point and dial the maximum height. Jump with a parachute and land on the roof of the skyscraper. Get inside, fasten the bomb-Velcro on the door server and undermines it. Connecting the phone to the computer, start hacking. Go to “My computer” — “External device” and select HackConnect. Finds a combination listed at the top of the screen and fix it. The following program – BruteForce. Fix red letters, starting with the left column. Run Down&Out and wait for the copy completes.

Destroy incoming enemies, switching between characters. Pick up the phone when the copy process. Down on the lower floors with extreme caution. Agents can suddenly appear from behind a corner and shoot us. Use special abilities. When they reached the desired floor, go down the rope. Destroy the helicopter and continue the descent in another position. Make your way to the main entrance. If the driver is inexperienced, you will have to wait some more time, attending to his fighters SFC. Sit in the van, we lose the cops and go to the home of Franklin. If the driver is experienced, then get in the ambulance and without arousing suspicion, go immediately to the home of Franklin.


Playing for Michael, we answer the call Dave and see him in Kortz. Soon we will join Steve with agent Sanchez, people are out of Control, special forces, mercenaries “Merriweather”. Sanchez was a traitor and framed Steve. Steve in turn kills Sanchez and hiding from the venue. Dave also runs away, leaving us with agents and special forces. Destroying all, go around the right side.

Switch to Trevor and shoot at the helicopter pilot. Help Dave by shooting everyone who is on the lower level. Switch to Michael and go down to the yard, passing a roundabout way. Get to Dave and clean the area from enemies. Sit in any of the surviving car and go to the meeting place in Morningwood. Along the way be sure to destroy the helicopter. If there is the RPG, then exit the car, activate slow-mo and well-aimed shot struck the enemy. Trevor reminded us of the last thing that we must turn in his career.

Lamar is in trouble

Tanisha is excited by the disappearance of Lamar. He was framed Stretch, luring sidekick to the deal in a sawmill. Trevor and Michael will help us release Lamar. Get to a specified place and distribute to teammates. Trevor is sent to the bulldozer, and Franklin – to the main entrance. Playing over the past, move forward and destroy numerous enemies. Unable to control any of the characters. Also, do not forget to switch to Michael, he naiudobneyshim position on the hill. Finds Lamar and lead him to the exit. If Michael began to pick the enemies, the selection menu will turn red. Switch to it, select the melee weapon and kill enemies. The survivors take the car and bring Lamar home. He still doubts that Stretch set him up, even though the facts say otherwise.

To go with coils

As we remember, Solomon had asked Michael and his family for the premiere of the film. I stop in the store expensive clothes and purchased a tuxedo. Sit in the limo and get to the red carpet. Here we meet Devin, who makes it clear to us that we should go home. Quickly go to Michael’s house, go inside and, using special abilities, aimed shot, kill the mercenary who attacked Amanda. Also go to the room of Tracy and likewise deal with another enemy. Don’t have to shoot it in the head, enough to get to hand. We clean the territory from the enemy and return to the family. Suddenly from around the corner, we are attacked by a mercenary. But then the time comes to help Jimmy and to cut down the electricity, deals with the bewildered enemy.

The plan

Longer delay makes no sense, the moment of climax has come. Meet with all participants in a robbery at a strip club. The choice is usually two options – “Thin” and “Obvious”.

  1. A) We need two shooters, two drivers, and one hacker. Despite the rather hefty sum, distribute it will have between nine members! The better the hacker, the better picture it will give on finding a getaway car. Arrow and drivers are also preferably should be professionals. With inexperienced candidates, you can lose up to 75 million.
  1. C) We need two hands and two drivers. The first driver will transport the gold to 100 million should be, otherwise you can lose half of the profit.

Gauntlet (“Thin”)

Received a text message from Lester, begin to search for muscle. Open mail and scroll down. First finds for the district. For Example, Pillbox Hill. Then, without closing the map, compare it with the fragments and finds the right machine. Modify it in Los Santos Customs by the “Strengthening for the carriage of gold”. Pushes the car into the garage and go for two more cars.

Road spikes (“Thin”)

Waiting for a text message and go to the Parking lot of the police station. To get on its territory you can Park your car next to the wall. Jump on the car roof and jump over the wall. Distilled the van for cover.

Driller (“Obviously”)

Wait for the message from Lester and go to the protected area. Steal the drill, leave a police to go tunnelirovaniya the car on a guarded Parking lot.

Transport for waste (“Obviously”)

We need a quick machine that can accommodate four people. Find this, sit in it and call Lester. It will indicate the point where to leave the transport. Get to the underground Parking.

Emergency way (“Obvious”)

Get to the train, deal with the railwaymen. Rise up, toggle the arrow and wait for the arrival of the train. Switch to Trevor, go to the locomotive and cling to it by clicking on the appropriate button. Delivered to the airfield and back to the train, but this “joy” flight is not finished yet. You also have to transfer one of the empty platforms.

Huge jackpot

Plan A. Get to the tunnel and install the spikes, when the horizon appears the vehicle. Intercept employees replaced the tires and go to the Bank, having taken Casey hostage. He’ll get us inside, and we will be able to carry four tons of gold. Loading them in the truck, follow Trevor. “Merriweather” found out about our production. The hacker hacked the lights, and we can switch them. Strange only one thing – why the mercenaries as the good citizens go by the rules of the road. However, switch to Franklin and including a green light at traffic lights encountered on the road vehicles. Also need to apprehend the mercenaries, so they got to Trevor and Michael. Of particular danger are those who will suddenly appear in the end – in the lower right and left corners. Expose them to red light.

Fighters of “Merriweather” will still be able to get to us. Use your entire Arsenal against them. Freely switch between all characters to be in the best position. Downloading muscle, playing for the Franklin and follow the gang. His abilities will help us to avoid clashes with the police and to keep up with the allies. When they reached the tunnel, entering into the right truck. Go home Michael, to successfully wash the crank case. During an argument between Michael and Trevor, Franklin is upset and leaves the company.

Plan B. Get to the main entrance of the Bank. Switch to Franklin and the emphasis is approaching the wall. Release the blade and drilled the wall. Set sticky bombs on both cells. While shooter is loading gold, we must protect it. Be sure to use cover as the soldiers arrived at the open space will shoot us in a matter of seconds. They will go first with one tunnel, then another. Fasten the hook of the rope to the cage and we clean the repository from enemies.

Switch to Michael and moving forward, destroying the police. Reunited with the group and together we continue to move to the machine that we previously left in the Parking lot. Do not stay in one place, but always follow teammates. Five stars out of five – a serious test. Go away from the city and hiding from persecution.

Playing as Trevor, deliver the goods to the train. Fly smoothly and as close as possible to the enemies that Lester could shoot them. Drop the gold onto the platform and go to the airport.

Difficult choice

Playing as Franklin, go home and open the door to call. Devin offers to kill Michael. A similar request we received from the feds, but they wished to eliminate Trevor. A choice of three options – “Kill Trevor, Kill Michael or Save both.”

A reasonable solution (kill Trevor)

Meet with Trevor and try to kill him. We are in pursuit to the oil fields, where Michael “prune” Trevor. Shoot at a target or waiting for it to do Michael.

Judgement hour (kill Michael)

After meeting with Michael, rush in pursuit of him. Getting to the plant, on foot climb higher and higher until you overtake the target. Even when you try to save Michael, he would still fall.

The last spurt (save both)

Michael and Trevor help Franklin get even with all the enemies. Namely, with a Stretch, Steve, Chinese, and Devin. Drive to Lamar and go to the foundry. Inside, their positions and proceed to sweep the area from FBI agents and mercenaries “Merriweather”. Later playing as Franklin, go to the aid of Lamar, and playing for Michael, you know what I mean Trevor. Get out, following after his partner, and together finish off the enemy arrived.

Michael will Stretch. Hardened killer will not be difficult to defeat a small gang of “Ballas”. Franklin will go for Wei Chen. Pass by motorcade, activating special abilities, and ableplanet all three cars with sticky bombs. Switch to Trevor, get to the Ferris wheel and kill Steve with a sniper rifle. We will have only one attempt, so use the abilities, finding the enemy in one of the cabins. Hiding from the police.

Left Devin Weston, who is in his mansion. It is guarded by mercenaries “Merriwether”. Once at the gates, jump over the wall on the left side. We went around the terrace from the left, neutralize the few enemies and find hidden Davina. Bring it to the meeting place. Leave the hostage in the trunk and pushes the car off a cliff.

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